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Economics of Geopolitics

Economics of Geopolitics is a think tank created to identify global trends, in order to better combat them in the future. The main focus is causes related to Armenia and the diaspora. We seek to better inform individuals about the current situation of the world, while identifying every weakness faced by Armenians and turn it into a strength. 

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Andranik Aghazarian is a Canadian-born writer, educator, and technical analyst of Armenian heritage. Graduating from Kwantlen Polytechnic University with a BA in Anthropology and an NGO certificate, he spent some time working in the non-profit field doing research.

After gaining a Micro-Masters in Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement from Michigan University, and a teaching license, he has since become an educator.

Having lived in several different countries, he especially enjoys life in Mainland China. He has dedicated himself to educating Chinese students, and inspiring them to leave a legacy through informed action.

With an Anthropological background, coupled with experiences in entrepreneurship, business, day trading, and education, Andranik is particularly well-suited to bring together the realms of economics and political analysis, to make intelligent predictions of what is to come in this new millennium.


Cold War 2.0: Dawn of the Asian Millennium is his first full-length novel.


Andranik Aghazarian  

Mr. Andranik Aghazarian

Director of Economics of Geopolitics

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