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This page is to help raise awareness for proactive solutions to Armenian issues today. Here are some of the organizations that are near and dear to us at Economics of Geopolitics. 

***We are currently looking for an Armenian to help build a website that will allow all Armenians from the world to log in, create a profile, upload a resume, post job ads, and a forum for Armenians to discuss opportunities. If you are interested in helping to organize the diaspora, then please contact Andranik Aghazarian on LinkedIn or Facebook. 

My name is Alex Shekherdemian

I had big Car Accident in 10/10/2020 And i can't walk for so long time. I had 4 surgery operations till now and they will make 2 or 3 more operations for my leg and spine. And i dont have insurance of life here in Chile and till now i have a cost of hospital operations is like $50,000 that i don't have it.


ONEArmenia is a global community of changemakers aiming to raise the standard of living in Armenia. We collaborate with grassroots organizations to implement innovative projects that accelerate job creation in agriculture, tech, tourism, and made in Armenia products.


Each Ararat Box has around 20 Armenian products made by different suppliers, from which 70% are small businesses. We switch vendors every month, ensuring you receive entirely new products, and this way, we support hundreds of small businesses every year to export their products outside of Armenia. 


We want to be that bond connecting your family to families living in #StrongArtsakh, by also creating opportunities to help small businesses. HYE Box has a mission to provide families living in Artsakh with first necessity products and help Armenian families by supporting their businesses with your help.

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